Paco Stanley: A Television Icon’s Life and Legacy


Paco Stanley, born Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero on July 3, 1942, left an indelible mark on Mexican television. His career, from radio to hosting popular shows on both Televisa and TV Azteca, showcased a multifaceted entertainer. Let’s delve into the life and legacy of this television icon.

Early Life and Entry into Broadcasting

Stanley’s journey into broadcasting began with his first father-in-law sponsoring radio and elocution classes in 1966. By 1969, he took his initial steps into radio, setting the stage for a remarkable career.

Venturing into Radio (1969-1974)

The late ’60s saw Stanley fully embrace radio, marking the beginning of his broadcasting career. His participation in XEW News from 1974 further solidified his presence in the media landscape.

Television Career Takes Flight (1974-1995)

Transitioning to television, Stanley hosted the show “Smiles and Surprises” and contributed to “Estrellas W.” This period laid the foundation for his ascent in the world of Mexican television.

Rise to Solo Stardom (1995-1998)

In 1995, Stanley was offered his show, “¡Ándale!,” on Televisa, marking a pivotal moment in his career. Subsequent shows like “Llévatelo” and “Pácatelas” further showcased his comedic prowess.

Radio and TV Azteca Journey (1998-1999)

The late ’90s witnessed Stanley’s foray into radio with “Un poco de Paco en radio.” His move to TV Azteca in 1998 resulted in the show “Una tras otra,” co-starring Jorge Gil and Mario Bezares.

Passion for Theatre and Poetry

Beyond television, Stanley found passion in theatre, starring in the comedic version of “Don Juan Tenorio.” His love for poetry manifested in three recorded albums, showcasing his artistic depth.

Personal Life and Relationships

Stanley’s personal life was marked by marriages to Maria Solis and later Patricia Pedroza, resulting in children Leslie and Francisco Stanley Pedroza. An extramarital relationship led to the birth of his third son, Paul Stanley, now the host of “HOY.”

Tragic Death (June 7, 1999)

The shocking June 7, 1999 events unfolded outside “El Charco de las Ranas.” Gunmen targeted Stanley, fatally shooting him and wounding Jorge Gil. The incident sent shockwaves through Mexico, prompting media interruptions and societal reflections.

Autopsy and Controversies

Following Stanley’s death, controversies arose with details from the autopsy, including a firearm permit and the discovery of cocaine. These revelations added layers of complexity to the tragedy.

Legal Proceedings

Mario Bezares and Paola Durante faced arrests and imprisonment initially, followed by the later arrest of Luis Alberto Salazar Vega in 2011, based on the testimony of a former cellmate.

Legacy in Television

Stanley’s impact on television extended beyond his shows. One of his sketches, “La Güereja y El Papiringo,” evolved into a standalone series, exemplifying his enduring influence.


In conclusion, Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero’s journey from radio to television, his passion for theater and poetry, and the controversies surrounding his tragic death paint a portrait of a complex entertainer. Paco Stanley’s legacy remains embedded in the fabric of Mexican entertainment, a testament to his enduring influence.


What were Paco Stanley’s notable shows on Televisa?

● Paco Stanley hosted shows like ¡Ándale!, Llévatelo, and Pácatelas on Televisa.

Paco Stanley hosted shows like ¡Ándale!, Llévatelo, and Pácatelas on Televisa.

● He starred in the comedic version of “Don Juan Tenorio” and toured extensively with the play.

What led to controversy after Paco Stanley’s death?

● The discovery of a firearm permit and cocaine in the autopsy fueled controversy and speculation.

Who were the individuals initially arrested in connection with the murder?

● Mario Bezares and Paola Durante were arrested but later released.

What is the legacy of Paco Stanley’s sketch “La Güereja y El Papiringo”?

● Mario Bezares and Paola Durante were arrested but later released.

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