Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero: Beyond the Screens


Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero, known by his stage name Paco Stanley (July 3, 1942 – June 7, 1999), was a Mexican television entertainer affiliated with Televisa and TV Azteca.


In 1966, Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero received radio and elocution classes sponsored by his first father-in-law, and by 1969, he had embarked on a radio career. From 1974, he became involved in television programs such as XEW News, where he hosted “Smiles and Surprises” and worked on “Estrellas W.” After initially supporting comedians like Madaleno, Paco Stanley secured his show on Televisa in 1995, titled ¡Ándale!, featuring Arlette Garibay and Benito Castro. Subsequent shows included Llevatelo and Pacatelas with Mario Bezáres.

In 1998, he switched to TV Azteca, hosting “Una tras otra” starting on December 15, co-starring Jorge Gil and Mario Bezares. In 1999, he initiated a nighttime show titled “Si hay, y bien!”

Apart from television, Paco Stanley was passionate about theater and starred in a comic version of “Don Juan Tenorio,” touring throughout Mexico. He also had an affinity for poetry and recorded three albums featuring his poems.

personal life

Paco Stanley’s first marriage was with Maria Solis, resulting in one son named Francisco. After so many years, he married Patricia Pedroza, with whom he had two children, Leslie and Francisco Stanley Pedroza. However, in an extramarital relationship, Paco fathered a third son, Paul Stanley, who now hosts the morning program “HOY.”


On June 7, 1999, Paco Stanley, along with Mario Bezares and Jorge Gil, left the TV Azteca studios after their morning show “Una Tras Otra.” While eating at a restaurant in Mexico City, they were attacked by three individuals, resulting in Paco Stanley’s death. The incident shocked Mexico, leading to discussions about crime rates in the city.


One of the sketches from ¡Ándale!, “La Güereja y El Papiringo,” featuring Maria Elena Saldaña as the little girl, later became a standalone television series called “La Güereja y Algo Mas” and “La Guereja de mi Vida.”

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