Cody Paul Flanagan: Biography, Siblings, and Parents


Cody Paul Flanagan entered the world on November 6, 2016, as the second child of his parents, Kate Siegel and Mike Flanagan. Mike, a renowned director and screenwriter, had a previous relationship before marrying Kate Siegel, resulting in Cody’s elder half-brother Rigby.

Cody Paul’s Siblings

Cody is blessed with two siblings: an elder half-brother named Rigby and a younger sister named Theodora. Rigby, born on October 15, 2010, displayed early acting talent, debuting at six years old in a horror movie directed by his father, Mike Flanagan. However, details about Rigby’s current endeavors remain elusive.

Born in December 2018, Theodora, Cody’s younger sister, draws inspiration from the TV adaptation of the novel ‘Haunting of Hill House.’ She delights in spending time with her mother and brother, especially enjoying bicycle rides.

Cody Paul’s Mother

Cody’s mother, Kate Siegel is a celebrated American actress and screenwriter. Born in August 1982 in Silver Spring, Maryland, Kate turned her passion for acting into a successful career. Married to Mike Flanagan since 2006, they share two children, including Cody, and she is also a stepmother to Mike’s elder son.

Cody Flanagan’s Father

Mike Flanagan, born on May 20, 1978, is a prominent director, editor, and screenwriter. With notable works in horror movies like ‘Absentia,’ ‘Oculus,’ and more, Mike takes pride in being a father of three beautiful children, including Cody.

How Much is Cody Paul Flanagan’s Net Worth?

While Cody’s net worth remains undetermined due to his youth, his parents, Kate and Mike Flanagan, are affluent figures in the entertainment industry. Kate, with an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars, showcases the success and wealth amassed through her acting career.

In conclusion, Cody Paul Flanagan’s family presents a dynamic mix of talent and creativity, with his parents leaving an indelible mark in the world of entertainment. As Cody grows, the legacy of artistic achievement and familial bonds continues to unfold.

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