George Riley Mercer Jr. Occupation, Net Worth, & More

George Riley Mercer Jr

Family Background

George Riley Mercer Jr., son of the late George Riley Mercer Sr. and Mary Rutherford Rose Mercer, received his education at St. Christopher’s School in Richmond.

Business Ventures

As the inheritor of Mercer Rug & Carpet from his father, Mercer Jr. played a pivotal role. Additionally, he managed GII Corporation and George-Marshall Corporation, venturing into real estate investments. Later in life, he gained recognition as an architectural consultant.

Flamboyant Lifestyle

Despite his business success, Mercer Jr. was known for his flamboyant and party-centric lifestyle. His extravagant behavior often made headlines, especially on Page Six of the New York Post.

Marital Journey

After divorcing his first wife, Dale, Mercer Jr. married Baltimore-based surgeon Catherine Stamatacos. Following their separation, he became involved with Krissy Morrow, a woman significantly younger than him.

The Star Daughter

Tinsley Randolph Mortimer, born on August 11, 1975, is Mercer Jr.’s daughter. Known for her roles in reality TV shows, Tinsley was born in Richmond, Virginia, to Dale Tatum Mercer and George Riley Mercer Jr. Her family, rooted in Virginia’s history, includes her paternal grandfather, George Riley Mercer Sr.

Father-Daughter Dynamics

Tinsley Mortimer unfolded about her father’s struggles all through Season eleven of Bravo’s fact collection. George Faced troubles with alcohol, ultimately main to his passing on March 26, 2015.

Tragic End

While alcoholism contributed to Mercer Jr.’s decline, a fatal incident occurred when he fell downstairs, resulting in a severe frontal lobe injury. Despite hospice care, his condition deteriorated until his eventual passing.

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