Norma Arica Marshall: A Legacy Beyond Time

Norma Arica Marshall


Explore the enduring legacy of Norma Arica Marshall, a remarkable woman whose name lives on through her famous son, Thurgood Marshall, an influential American civil rights lawyer and jurist.

Early Life:

Discover the origins of Norma Arica Marshall, born on August 13, 1885, in Baltimore City, Maryland, USA, to Isaiah O.B. Williams and Mary E Fossett Williams. Unveil details about her childhood and American nationality.

Married Life and Loss:

Delve into the successful married life of Norma Arica Marshall and William Canfield Marshall, wedded in 1905. Witness the enduring bond that lasted until William’s passing in 1948. Learn about Norma’s demise in 1961 in New York County, leaving behind a rich history.

Family Ties:

Explore Norma’s family dynamics, being one of five children to Isaiah and Mary Williams. Uncover the names of her siblings – Avon Nyanza Williams, Denmeadia S Williams Dodson, Fearless Mentor Williams, and Ravine S Williams – each with their unique stories.


Celebrate Norma’s role as a mother to two children, William Aubrey Marshall and the renowned Thurgood Marshall. Witness the profound impact of her son’s success on her legacy.

Education and Profession:

Unravel the mystery surrounding Norma Arica Marshall’s education, deducing from her profession as a schoolteacher. Acknowledge the influence of her educational background on her successful career.

Reasons for Popularity:

Understand the singular reason for Norma Arica Marshall’s enduring popularity – her son, Thurgood Marshall. Explore how his accomplishments elevated her name and legacy, making her a recognized figure.

Net Worth and Luxurious Life:

Scrutinize Norma’s financial standing as a schoolteacher, speculating on her earned wealth. Acknowledge her later years’ luxury, attributed to her son Thurgood Marshall’s estimated net worth of around 3 million at the time of his death in 1993.


Reflect on the unique legacy of Norma Arica Marshall, a proud mother who achieved fame through her son’s accomplishments. Acknowledge the rarity of mothers gaining popularity through their children’s success. Norma Arica Marshall stands as an exception, remembered with pride and admiration.

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